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Single beam acoustic survey

Single beam acoustic survey is by far the most widely used bathymetric survey technique for much of the last 50 years. Single beam bathymetric survey is a relatively low-cost method, however can providing highly accurate water depth information. SDI provides high-resolution single beam acoustic bathymetric survey service for rivers, ponds, lakes and coastal environment.
SDI perform single beam acoustic bathymetric survey by using SDI manufactured SDI Surveycase SC-200. The SDI SC-200 is a hydrographic survey system contained in a single, portable, splash proof unit. It can be easily deployed on small boats or ships of opportunity. The system includes an Intelligent Depth Sounder (IDS), digital sub-bottom profiling capability, a Differential GPS receiver (DGPS), a reference receiver, a navigation computer, a TFT color display, survey software and rapid data playback and review software. The SDI SC-200 system used on this operation included operating frequencies of 200 kHz using a 3 degree beam transducer for surveying the water bottom. SDI SC-200 can collect bathymetric data in extremely shallow water (as shallow as 0.2 m) and provide horizontal accuracy to within 2 cm. SDI manufactured MRU can offer motion reference for motion compensation during data acquisition. All echoes are individually received and digitized and stored as a raw echo to allow maximum post-processing flexibility.

Key Benefits:
• Low-cost for data acquisition and post-processing
• Accurate and reliable bathymetry
• Can work in extremely shallow water (as shallow as 0.2 m deep)


  • Reservoir volumetric survey
  • Pipeline and cable routing studies
  • Pre-Post dredging survey
  • Environmental restoration
  • Hazard surveys

Examples of single beam acoustic surveys

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