Specialty Devices Inc.

Hydrographic Survey Systems

Geophysical survey capabilities are offered beyond simple acoustic sounding. SDI combines Resistivity profiling techniques with acoustic hydrographic and sub-bottom profiling to offer more complete survey capabilities where acoustic technique alone cannot suffice. Survey capabilities include real-time kinematic positioning accurate to within 2cm, with real water level and heave compensation. Data post-process capabilities include volume, contour, cross section, boundary, as-built and standard GIS products. In-house laboratory accommodates sediment analysis, including classification/grain size and water chemistry. Specialty Devices has developed safety and quality control procedures, which ensures control over all aspects of project accuracy, costs, safety and deadlines.

Specialty Devices was established in 1986 and has earned a reputation associated with quality products and services. SDI’s client list includes USDA, USACE, US Navy, US Army, USAF, USGS, NOAA, EPA, DOE, Bureau of Reclamation, Minerals Management Service, universities, utilities, private corporations, foreign governments and state agencies.