Sediment Sampling Solutions

SDI manufactures an extensive line of core sampling equipment.

Vibecore Mini

Vibecore Mini

The high frequency Vibecore-Mini is a light hand held sampler that can acquire a very undisturbed sample. The Vibecore-Mini has greatly reduced sample compaction typically present in push core sampling.

Core Sample Accessories

Core Sample Accessories

Core tubes, core couplers, coring adapters, core keepers, core keeper retainers, drill guides, coring frames, core sampling trays, core pushers, graduated push poles, survey crafts, box cores, winches, weight rings

The Vibecore-D in Action

The VibeCore-D (core sampler) is a result of research at SDI to improve the vertical correlation of sediments in the core sample with the actual depth of layers in the sediment.

Sub-Bottom Profilers

Sub-Bottom Profilers

SDI’s BSS+ is ideal for surveying in shallow water, harbors, and waterways and pre- and post-dredge applications.

Up to five frequencies, ranging from 3.5kHz to 200 kHz, can be utilized to provide depth and fine resolution sub-bottom profiling. Sub-bottom profiling in less than 1 foot of water depth is possible.

SDI’s hardened computers include armored display windows, marine grade aluminum display housings and non-corrosive impact resistant plastic cases with stainless steel hardware.  Display controls and hinges are o-ring sealed and connectors are waterproof or splash resistant. This computer can be upgraded in the future unlike most laptops.

HYPACK SURVEY, LITE or MAX options.  SDI is a distributor for HYPACK software by Hypack, Inc.

What other Professionals are Saying

Sampling Begins for Next-Generation Zebra Mussel Detection Platform

Good News! Work has begun for the launch of a next-generation zebra mussel detection platform based at EQO. Sample sites include Lake Texoma and Lake Lavon in north Texas, sites with known zebra mussel infestations, and a negative control lake with low probability of zebra mussel activity in south central Texas.

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